Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to Hikey Hikey!

On the trail where I belong, I hum a tune a sing a song. (What a cheese ball!)
My name is Brian. Twitter folks know me as Life Coach Brian, the guy behind @MyFitLife2Day. Others may know me as the guy who launched The Fitness 400 Project blog (now called MyFitLife2Day). I'm also the founder and author of such blogs as Man of Merit, My Life in Megalopolis, American Andragogy, and LatAm News Translations. I have tons of blogs because blogging is my way of making sense of the world I live in. It helps me organize my thoughts, maintain accountability for goals I set for myself and, I hope, inspire and help others move toward their own personal accomplishments. I have so many blogs, I think, because themes in one blog often outgrow their progenetor and beg to be called blogs of their own. Such is the case with HikeyHikey!

The name HikeyHikey! has to do with my own personal awakening that came about as I found myself falling in love with trail life. I absolutely love hiking, and it's infused in so many areas of my life. Long-time readers of my blogs probably think hiking has entirely consumed my life when in fact I have a wide range of interests I want to explore in writing.

My blog Man of Merit has been heavily hiking-centric since its inception, but it's really about more than that - it's about filling in the knowledge gaps of my youth by attempting to complete the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Merit Badge curriculum. MyFitLife2Day, has started to feel like a hiking blog, but it's really about the whole of my fit life journey, which includes weight loss, fitness and exercise and healthy habits for living a longer, fuller life. And as I move to Southern California, I'm preparing to breathe new life into the My Life in Megalopolis blog; If I don't watch it, that blog could become hiking-centric as well. It's really about the urban experience in its many forms.

But hiking is about more than just physical fitness or goal-setting to me. I'm not exactly sure how to define what hiking means to me at this point, but this blog will explore that. I hope to include more creative writing here, too, as I share things I'm inspired to write while out on the trail or soon after I've returned to civilization after some time spent in the cathedral of nature. And there will be a bit of other stuff, as well, like journalistic and technical articles to inspire new hikers to the trail, educate novice hikers on now to improve technique and get more out of the hiking experience and share what I learn about gear, trail food, trail magic and such.

In short, this, like every other blog I fill, will be a journey, and I invite you to come along. And as always, I invite your comments, as blogging is so much more fulfilling when I hear from those who take brief moments of their time to keep up with what I'm doing with mine.